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We fill in the gap to serve as a partner for brands to understand the e-commerce market and sharpen their strategy.

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Our Solutions

Market Share

Understand how big the market is and the competition landscape to properly benchmark your strategy.

Daily Monitoring

Stay on top of the competition by monitoring their pricing and promotion strategy and get daily alerts so you can take action.

Share of Search

Get more insight by measuring the brands visibility on important organic or paid keywords search.

Digital Content Audit

Track content changes across all your products and e-commerce platforms from a single dashboard.

Market Share

Brands are able to see the overall market competition and understand the percentage contribution of each player inside the category.

GMV & Qty Sold

We can define how we want to breakdown the analysis by custom parameters such as segment and your own product taxonomy related to your industry.

Merchant Analysis

Investigate every merchant that we want to know by easily clicking on the merchant name and we can see all the SKUs in detail from that category.

Location Analysis

Identify market opportunities by merchant location in cities, province, and region.

Daily Monitoring

We can easily monitor product pricing, stock, and promotion of our enablers, distributors, or even competitors.

Price & Promotion

Daily pricing tracking allows you to be more scientific in your pricing strategy and understand where how the price effects the demand.

Stock Availability

Monitor your stock availability daily to be able to accurately predict and replenish stock levels, minimizing potential for loss of sales.

Email Notifications

We'll notify you by e-mail if the product is out-of-stock, or if the price is too high.

Share of Search

This analysis can help brands measure and optimize their SKU to be visible on important keywords related to their industry.

Top 10 Brands

We can see the top players that showed up on important keywords in different e-commerce platforms.

First Page

Track the brand visibility between organic and paid promoted SKU to improve your search rankings.

Day to Day Movement

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly movement tracking is possible because we are collecting the data every day.

Digital Content Audit

Easily monitor product descriptions, images, and reviews across all your products, distributors and merchants to ensure compliance with your brand's standards.

DCA Score

A single score that helps you understand the level of compliance across all marketplaces so you know where you can improve.

Content Changes

Track changes in SKU name, images, image count, and product descriptions down to the specific URL level.

Product Review Analysis

Our engine will analyze your product reviews so you can identify negative and positive and reviews early and take the necessary action.

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